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Inside Track: Family trauma drives Owens’ prevention passion

May 17, 2019

Andrea Owens carries a notebook around with her that says “teach, love, inspire” on the cover — words that summarize her life goals.
After a more than 25-year career in the health care industry — during which she was a medical assistant, drug screener, site manager and educator — Owens founded a business, HourGlass Testing Solutions.

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Cornerstone University News

Instructor Exemplifies Leadership and Service as Finalist For Grand Rapids Award

April 25,2019

With a positive influence in the classroom and the workplace, Andrea Owens (B.S. ’08, M.S. ’10) was selected as a finalist in the Grand Rapids Business Journal's Women Who Mean Business publication.
Owens is the owner and founder of HourGlass Testing Solutions, which provides same day, onsite drug and alcohol testing services for companies and organizations. She also teaches at West Michigan Center for Arts + Technology as well as at Cornerstone University's Professional & Graduate Studies division (PGS) in courses such as organizational leadership and management.

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Women in Business Profile

March 14,2019 

Andrea Owens HourGlass Testing Solutions.

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Grand Rapids Business Journal

Q & A: Andrea Owens

July 24, 2018

Andrea Owens is the owner of HourGlass Testing Solutions and a medical billing instructor and success navigator at the West Michigan Center for Arts + Technology.

HourGlass Testing Solutions specializes in same-day, on-site drug and alcohol testing for HR, logistics and safety managers in the manufacturing and transportation industries.

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West Michigan Women

Perserverance and Patience: Andrea Owens

October 19, 2018

Fueled by her passion for safer workplaces, roadways and communities, Andrea Owens created HourGlass Testing Solutions—a business offering same-day, onsite-collection, and management of workplace drug and alcohol testing programs.

West Michigan Woman sat down with Andrea to learn more about her vibrant spark for life and the work HourGlass Testing Solutions does in the community.

With the goal of building lasting relationships and helping employers maintain a drug-free workplace, Andrea Owens works with the notion that there is not a single approach to the field of drug and alcohol testing. She hones in on the needs of each employer through careful listening and responds to their needs.

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Additional Praises

Start Garden 100 Ideas Demo Day Finalist
July11, 2018

The Morning Show with Shelly Irwin
July 9, 2018

Finalist GRBJ Women Who Mean Business Award
March 2019


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