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Championing Recovery: Andrea Owens’ Dedication to a Safe and Supportive Workplace

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Andrea Owens, CEO of HourGlass® Testing Solutions, Returns from Washington DC to Educate Grand Rapids on the MORE Act

In a pivotal moment for cannabis reform, Andrea Owens, CEO of HourGlass Testing Solutions, has returned from Washington DC to bring critical insights to the Grand Rapids community regarding the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act (MORE Act). As the landscape of cannabis legislation continues to evolve, Owens' expertise sheds light on the implications of the MORE Act and its potential impact on local businesses and communities.
HTS Blog Ensuring a Safer and More Productive Workplace The Case for Employee Drug Testing and Expert Consultation

Ensuring a Safer and More Productive Workplace: The Case for Employee Drug Testing and Expert Consultation

In today's competitive business landscape, companies are constantly seeking ways to enhance productivity, ensure employee well-being, and create a positive workplace culture. One often overlooked but crucial aspect of achieving these goals is implementing a comprehensive employee drug testing program.
HTS Blog Michigan Embraces Change Dropping Marijuana Drug Testing for New Hires Starting October 1st

Michigan Embraces Change: Dropping Marijuana Drug Testing for New Hires Starting October 1st

In a landmark move, Michigan is taking progressive steps toward redefining workplace policies by discontinuing marijuana drug testing for certain new hires. The policy change, set to take effect on October 1st, marks a significant departure from traditional employment practices.

Preventing Workplace Drug Overdoses: The Need for HourGlass Testing Solutions

Drug overdoses in the workplace pose a growing and concerning threat to both employees and employers. In this blog post, we will explore this issue, provide examples of relevant data, and discuss why hiring hour glass testing solutions is crucial for preventing these tragic incidents.
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The State of Michigan Update on Drug and Alcohol Policy – What Does Legalization of Marijuana Mean For Employers

How does the Legalization of Marijuana in Michigan impact your business operations?
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The Cost of Not Having a Policy in Place – Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries due to drugs and alcohol can indeed increase costs for employers in several ways; can you afford not to consult with us?
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Unveiling Excellence: Meet Andrea Owens, the Visionary Owner of HourGlass® Testing Solutions

In the realm of cutting-edge testing solutions, there shines a beacon of innovation and expertise named Andrea Owens.