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Current situation: Employees are sent to crowded collection facilities, with or without a manager, resulting in wait times up to 2 hours and an interruption of productivity; costing employers thousands of dollars annually.

We come to you. My solution is being responsive to customers’ needs by transforming the workspace into a mini collection site. This cuts the process in half providing a substantial cost saving for YOU.

On-site collections

Our on-site collection services include:

  • Lab based drug screen collections
  • Instant or rapid test
  • Breath Alcohol collections
  • Hair collections
  • Oral Fluid collections

C/TPA services

As consortium/third-party administrators (C/TPAs), we offer management of all or part of an employer’s non-mandated and /or DOT drug and alcohol testing programs. Our C/TPA services include:

  • Random testing requirements
  • Support and services

Education and training

HourGlass Testing Solutions can provide your organization with the education and training required by state and federal regulations. Our goal is to provide the necessary tools needed to help you successfully maintain a drug free workplace.

Reasons for testing

Employment related drug testing is required for Department of Transportation (DOT) mandated employers; and for non mandated employers it is used for compliance with established drug free workplace testing programs.

  • Pre-employment — helps prevent the hiring of individuals who abuse drugs and is most often performed as a part of the job application process
  • Random — Employees are randomly selected and tested at a fixed percentage of their covered work force each year. These test are based on “non suspicion”
  • Reasonable Suspicion/ For Cause — If an employee is suspected by his/her employer of using a prohibited drug, the employee may be required to submit to drug testing
  • Post Accident — If an employee is involved in an accident the employee must submit a specimen as soon as possible after the accident
  • Return to Duty — If an employee refuses to test or test positive on a previous test, he/she must submit a specimen for testing before returning to duty.
  • Follow-up — After an employee has a negative return to duty result they are subject to a series of unannounced tests as determined by a substance abuse professional. These tests may be performed over a period of time.
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