Performing drug and alcohol tests and screenings are an essential part of keeping the workplace safe and productive.

It’s proven to be the best preventative measure in ensuring the safety of the workplace. Employee substance use increases the risk of accidents, therefore testing helps divert the use of substances in the workplace. We are here to help! We can manage your routine employee drug testing. We specialize in same day onsite collections for pre employment screening, post accident testing, and random drug tests and screening.
Employers have a choice :
  • Same day onsite collections – We come to you and set up a mini collection site. Saving you time and money. We have the flexibility to perform same day onsite collections- Employer can call and we can be there within the hour (in the GR service area)
  • Or walk in to our collection site located on 418 Plymouth Ave NE
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Our Services

  • 5, 7, 10- panel urine drug screens for non regulated employment testing
  • DOT- Federally mandated collections for regulated employers Customized panels based on employer specifications
  • Hair
  • Oral Swabs
Our Breath Alcohol Collection services offer employers a precise and timely solution to monitor alcohol levels in their workforce. By utilizing our advanced techniques, employers can ensure compliance with workplace policies, reduce potential liabilities, and promote a safer, more productive environment.
Management of your drug testing program provides peace of mind for compliance of federal and state regulations. Our services enable employers to provide pre-placement screenings, workplace drug screenings, and random drug and alcohol testing for employees locally and nationally.

Through our partnership with IdentoGo by Idemia, HourGlass® Testing Solutions proudly offers comprehensive fingerprinting services to meet your identification and security needs.

HourGlass® Testing Solutions offers expert consulting services tailored to the unique needs of each workplace. Drawing from decades of industry experience, we guide businesses through best practices in drug and alcohol policy development, ensuring regulatory compliance and promoting workplace safety. Partner with us for informed, actionable insights.

Employers can expect:

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What People Are Saying